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What an Interesting Day I’ve Had



So, when I got up this morning (at 10 am! I was very tired!), I knew I was going to be interviewed with my sister on WCBI for the Mid-Morning with Aundrea show airing tomorrow morning at 9 am.  I met her and her husband, Keith, for lunch and some pre-interview chatting. Who should stop in at the same restaurant but the producer of the show (Mary Carroll Sullivan) and the station manager of WCBI (Derek Rogers)? To me, this was a good omen!

We then went to a coffee shop (Beans & Cream) and took the time to discuss the possibilities of having a joint book signing with the manager while sipping on caffeinated deliciousness.

We get to the station and ready ourselves for the interview with pictures! Of course!

WP_20150707_14_26_58_Pro WP_20150707_14_27_02_Pro WP_20150707_14_27_06_Pro WP_20150707_14_27_10_Pro WP_20150707_14_29_13_Pro

After we finished the interview, I said goodbye to my sister and went to Hobby Lobby, of course! I had something in particular that I was looking for. But while there, I found something I couldn’t resist buying:


I also found some very cool masks for my sister to use with her writing alter ego, Leigh McQueen:



But, while I was there, in “only BJ” fashion, I ended up going into the MENS restroom!! It was completely on accident and I was SOOOOOOO glad that there wasn’t anyone in there!! GASP!

I came home and decided to take pictures of my pretty flowers close to my mailbox.


While out there, I noticed that a bush nearby had berries on it. I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and have NEVER noticed berries here! Well, I think they are blueberries!  How wonderful!



All in all, a very productive day!  Now….on to working on my first draft of the second book!


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