“Fall”-ing into Another Season

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“Fall”-ing into Another Season



I don’t know about you, but this time of year always gives me butterflies. I’m not sure if I connect the change from Summer to Fall to some particular memory or if I’m just in love with the whole process of changing from those super hot, bright days to the cool, crispness that comes in Autumn.

I always notice the shift in sunlight first. Then comes the lift of a cool breeze through the humidity of a late summer afternoon. By the time the first blush of color shifts through the leaves on the trees, I’m already sipping cider on the back porch in the dusk. It seems to me to be the best season of reflection before the bite of winter’s chill comes and chases us all inside to seek the warmth of a blanket.

I dream of that unmistakable crunch of dried acorns and leaves beneath my feet as I walk down a path in the woods.

And I feel inspired.

Does fall bring you to a new state of mind?


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