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Twitterature: The First Attempt



I only just found out about the world of Twitterature…writing literature in tweet form for Twitter. How wonderful a concept!

If you haven’t experienced it, here’s the wiki link about it:

I love some of the examples that’s on the wiki page about it.

“I was mowing the lawn. I peered at my neighbor’s immaculate yard; his grass was literally greener. Then a meteor fell atop his lovely house.”

Arjun Basu[7]

“Willum Mortimus Granger was beside himself. In fact when his body was found the top half was right next to the bottom.”

Robert K. Blechman (2009) [13]
I was so delighted with it, that I created my own!

Here’s the first try. Tell me if you like it!

“My dogs smell another on my clothes. Interest and disdain. How dare I leave the pack and consort with another mongrel? In a dog word: tramp.”

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