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A bit of fun writing…. Aunt Tilley



I was out of town this weekend and, for some strange reason, I get really inspired while riding in a car. This little snatch of a story came to me while riding back from our Valentine’s dinner. I don’t know if I’ll do something with it…but I thought it was a nice beginning.  Let me know what you think!



Their Aunt Tilley lost husbands at an alarmingly fast rate, but never once did any of them think that she was killing them purposefully. Uncle Fred was skewered by a tree during a car accident one Christmas season while following a load of Christmas trees on a flat bed truck. Uncle Norman died on a camping trip due to anaphylactic shock after a nasty sting. No one even knew he was allergic. Uncle Herbert passed as the result of a heart attack during a particularly athletic sexual experience with Aunt Tilley. No one really wanted to put too much consideration to that one. Uncle Ned slipped and fell in the shower, breaking his neck instantly. Uncle Edward choked to death on an insufficiently chewed piece of steak in the middle of their favorite restaurant.

There were others.

The fact that they were all wealthy men with large life insurance policies just seemed a coincidence. After the first three deaths, the husbands after seemed to take it as a challenge to live longer than five years with Tilley, that being the longest any one man had managed. It was all very tragic and she seemed destined to be a lady of sorrow. She was a handsome woman who carried herself with elegance and dignity even as rumors swirled that she was a black widow. Or cursed. The family couldn’t decide which was the worse rumor. To them, she was just a much beloved, funny, admired, generous soul who was surrounded by bad luck. In fact it was always a surprise when another wedding was announced since after each death she swore never again to love another. And yet the family would dress in their party best to see her down the aisle beaming joyfully at a presumed doomed man time after time.

Then came Uncle Lloyd. As they neared that dreaded five year mark, the family braced for the worst. But he was still around for year six. And year seven. They all thought the curse had finally been broken. He seemed positively giddy to still be alive and Aunt Tilley seemed as in love as she ever had been with him. Joy was reigning the day.

But happiness can only last for so long before tragedy strikes it down. Uncle Lloyd was killed during an attempted car jacking one fateful September night.

The family mourned the loss of Aunt Tilley’s happiness as if it were their own grief.

But then an insurance adjuster came to ask a few questions. He felt the deaths of so many wealthy men was too much coincidence. And so began the dark spiral into the truth of Aunt Tilley’s darkness.

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