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Lightning: The Book of Luke and Gina



I’m so excited that LIGHTNING is doing so well!!

Thank you all so much for making it a success! If you don’t have your copy yet, I’ll post the links below for you to get it!


LIGHTNING: The Book of Luke and Gina is now available!!

Lightning Luke lived past Day Zero, the day he was appointed to die. As a result, he faded from the world in such a way that he may as well be a ghost.

Even to his wife, Gina.

Fate lands Gina right in the crosshairs of the Angel of Death and her own Day Zero.

Death is a formidable foe. Especially when he has helpers.

A killing crew has been hired to take Gina out for being a witness – showing up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Suddenly, Gina can see Luke again after three years of believing he’s dead. Their reunion has an expiration date. They could have forever together, if only he can keep her alive for the next 24 hours.

Whether it’s life or death, it’s irreversible.

The countdown of her eternity has begun.

For the paperback:
For the Ebook:

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