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Like To Be Scared?



I haven’t really posted a lot lately because I’ve been working on the next installment of DAY ZERO while also working on a stand-alone psychological thriller/horror.

I’ve completely fallen in love with this story…head over heels! I thought I’d give you a little tempting taste today!

Here’s my placemarker cover I made for it:

Here’s the back cover copy:


Be careful where you share your secrets. You don’t know who’s listening.


Charlie Ray has a bit of a sleep disorder. She sleeps like the dead. When it’s time to get up, she’s up. But when she’s asleep, she’s completely unaware of the world. It’s like she goes into a little coma every night.

It’s been a big joke to her family and friends for years. Sleepovers were wrought with pranks. She’s learned to laugh it off.

And it’s never been a problem…until a stranger finds out and decides it’s something to have fun with.

Someone dark.

Someone dangerous.

When she is at her most vulnerable, he comes out to play. What starts out seemingly harmless, escalates into a deadly game that Charlie will have to play to the very finish, no matter who is lost along the way.



Soooooo????? Did I whet your appetite?

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