What I’m Listening To: Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell

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What I’m Listening To: Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie & Lowell



I was first introduced to Sufjan Stevens’ music by my friend, Todd Gurley. I’ve been a fan of MANY musicians he’s shared with me and I’ve learned to always give my attention to what he thinks I’ll like. He gave me a copy of Come on Feel the Illinoise and I was completely won over.

The album was part of Sufjan’s very ambitious project to do an album about each state. Having lived in Illinois for a long time in my youth, it really spoke to me and brought up feelings unique to that state.

I bought other albums by Sufjan but none moved me or impressed me like Illinoise.

Until now…

I didn’t even know a new album was coming out until I heard the first cut, Death with Dignity, on This Is Us. It was magnificent…just like Come on Feel the Illinoise. I had to check out the album.

This album is so personal it feels like you are reading another person’s diary. The intimacy of the moments Sufjan shares in his music can even feel like one of those late night conversations with a friend that takes your friendship to the next level.

All the songs are wonderful. Not many albums make me feel that way. I find that I like to listen to it in its complete form while I write. The moodiness is perfect.

I’m sharing the first cut here. Give it a good listen…you’ll be glad you did.

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