Sneak Peek of Fire: The Book of Phoenix

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Sneak Peek of Fire: The Book of Phoenix



Guess what? Even while working on SLEEP TIGHT, the Day Zero series just won’t shut up.

You want a peek?


Well, do ya?

Oh…all right. Just this once. 😉

Don’t tell anyone though. It’s our little secret.

Sneak Peek from Fire: The Book of Phoenix:


The bucket swings heavy in my hand as I stand outside of the deli. Glancing down at the dynamite, I wonder how it’s going to feel. Will it hurt the whole time? Will it be a nothingness until I am partially reassembled?

I have no worries about survival. Death hasn’t been a concern of mine for a while now.

I push the door open and notice the few heads that turn at the sound of any nearby door opening. The ping of the bell rings out over the small crowd within. There is a slight fading of sound as conversation takes a pause. It lasts only moments before the chatter of a lunching public rises again, focus going back to their companions.

I walk toward the middle of the diners, near the main deli counter. Putting the bucket on the floor, I reach into my pocket and fish out the lighter. When I begin to squat next to the bucket to light the fuse, a clean suited gentleman stands and grabs my arm. “What do you think you’re doing?”

I’m so surprised that I just look up at him with my mouth hanging open a minute. In all my time as a Zero, I have not been seen. No notice has ever come my way as I kidnapped, killed, or dumped bodies.


“Nothing that’s going to matter to you soon.”

With a quick flick, sizzle, and boom, the world goes black.


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