My Personal Bookshelf: The Gifted: Adversaries & Healers by L.A. Story

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My Personal Bookshelf: The Gifted: Adversaries & Healers by L.A. Story



Quick disclosure: This is my beautiful, talented sister, L.A. Story who has written this series. That doesn’t mean that I can’t fully and completely love the story!


Here’s the book description from Amazon:

Rachel Hannah is funny and kind. She is a second grade teacher who lives an ordinary life until she meets Sage Waldron. She is swept away by this mysterious man. What she doesn’t know is that he is an Adversary and she is his “mission.” Rachel is caught between two immeasurably powerful forces and will soon make a series of choices that will affect her future and Sage’s and will begin to tip the scales between good and evil.

There is a war going on between the Adversaries and the Healers and the general population is mercifully unaware.

There are those walking among us whose destiny will affect the fate of us all. Those people are not aware of their potential until they accept the power and the burden of The Gift. (**While this novel has some Christian themes, there is mild language and situations best suited to adults.)


THE GIFTED is the beginning of a trilogy and the second in the series is already out. The third should come out before the end of this year.

This is a Christian/secular hybrid book that crosses the boundaries between the genres spectacularly. The opening sequence is so visceral that I can imagine the whole scene: the rain, the semi screeching in the dark, the accident, the mysterious stranger who appears out of the storm. It all starts the ball rolling on a war that is timeless: good and evil, darkness and light.

The writing is perfect for fans of Frank Peretti. The series is compelling and reveals the hidden spiritual war going around us at all times. It really is a must read. I can’t wait to get my pre-publication copy of the third in the series!! Being the sister of a writer has some incredible benefits. 😉

It’s available at all major booksellers. Here’s the link for the Amazon ebook version:


This is the link for the second one in the series, Criers: The Rise of the Prophets:


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