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Meeting Great People



My husband and I went to dinner together in a nearby town tonight and struck up a wonderful conversation with our waiter, Clint.

Clint, like all people, had a story to tell. His life had gone through a major renovation of sorts. Not all of it was good. Not all of it was bad. It was a journey of identity.

His honesty was astounding and really moved me. Rarely do I meet up with someone so deeply connected to who he really is. I have a sneaking suspicion that he’s always had an understanding. He seems the type. But I believe the difficult period of fire that he’s just passed through gave him a clarity that few can claim.

I think it’s nearly impossible for someone to get to that level of seeing themselves, flaws and all, and having acceptance without some sort of ordeal.

I try to make my characters live such interesting and beautiful lives as Clint has. There is beauty not only in victory but also failure and the growth that comes from it.

I’m thankful for the brief time we got to chat for those reminders.

Moral? Don’t forget to make time for the lives around you. One chance conversation with a stranger can be more than you expected and you’ll be better for it.


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