What I’m Listening To: Steven Wilson, To The Bone

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What I’m Listening To: Steven Wilson, To The Bone



I have been a fan of Steven Wilson’s for many years. I first heard of him at a Rush concert, of all things. The virtuoso drummer, Neil Peart, picked a good bit of the music that they piped in while you found your seat and chatted with other fans before the show. Porcupine Tree was a popular band selection by Neil. My husband, Jim, did research and we were in love. Soon, we had picked up all of the Porcupine Tree CDs that we could find. Steven Wilson was not only the lead singer of the group, but also the creative genius behind it.

He’s been doing solo work for several years and we still enjoy his work tremendously! This new album, To The Bone, is a bit of a departure from his past work…but this is a man known for his variety! There is always one thing for sure when you’re listening to Steven’s music: that he likes to experiment.

Some fans haven’t liked this more pop-driven album, but I absolutely adore it! There are so many layers of flavor to savor.

I feel like getting up and dancing to Permanating. Refuge makes me cry. There is a connection of longing and dissatisfaction in Pariah that I hate to admit, seems very familiar. The Song Of I is disturbing, especially if watched on Youtube with headphones on. It feels like it bores down into your brain with the obsession.

I could have something to say about each and every song, but why don’t you just grab a copy yourself to enjoy? You’ll find a link on the side of my blog. It’s worth it. I promise.

Here’s the video for Permanating for you to enjoy!

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